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New branch opening
New branch opening
"Barry" opened its new branch at Margaryan st. 6/1.

Yerevan-Marathon 2018
Yerevan-Marathon 2018
From October 20-21, 2018 Barry company took part in Yerevan-Marathon by representing its production as well as taping techniques to the audience of Marathon 2018.

Seminar on taping techniques
Seminar on taping techniques
Company Barry Trade organized a seminar-presentation on the subject of "Taping Technique" within the framework of "Yerevan Marathon 2018.”

Cleaners and sterilizers

ln order to clean your objects from the dirt, you can use ultrasonic household cleaners. They will help to clean your items without any great efforts even in the inaccessibleplaces.

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Sanitas, Germany / Санитас, Германия
Item Code #0886
Ultrasonic cleaner Sanitas SUR42More
  • Ultrasonic cleaner for objects;
  • For gentle cleaning of objects;
  • Jewelry, coins, watches, frames of glasses, CDs, etc.;
  • An ultrasonic generator makes the electric power  mechanical oscillations that create bubbles in a liquid medium. They explode when they  come into contact  with objects. As a result, they help these items to cleanse;
  • 550 ml reservoir for immersion in water of cleared objects;
  • Digital timer shows time elapsed;
30.800 AMD